The history of the Résumé

The origin of the well renowned Curiculum Vitae. Curriculum vitae is a Latin expression which can be loosely translated as [the] course of [my] life.

Traditionally the word vitae is rendered in English using the ligature æ, hence vitæ. Variants include Ǣ ǣ Ǽ ǽ.

The below is a full timeline of how it came to be!

CV Origin timeline Leonardo da Vinci


Leonardo da Vinci writes the first Professional Resume.

CV Origin timeline English Lord


A traveling lord in England offers a hand-written letter of introduction to acquintences and calls it his Resume.

CV Origin timeline Resume Formalities


Resumes are just formalities. Most are written on scraps of paper over lunch with employers.

CV Origin timeline Detailed Resume


Resumes are like Facebook profiles. Including weight, height, age, marital-status and religion.

CV Origin timeline Resume Mandatory


Resumes are no longer just formalities, they are now “expected”

CV Origin timeline Personalized Resume


Resume’s start to include outside interests like sports and clubs.

CV Origin timeline Digital typeset


Digital typeset & word processors make resumes more professional and salesy.

CV Origin timeline VHS portfolio


The first VHS portfolios are recorded and used. Resume & career counseling books boom.

CV Origin timeline Microsoft Word


Microsoft Word launches, setting the standard for resumes for decades to come.

CV Origin timeline resume death


First recorded prediction of the resume’s death.

CV Origin timeline fax resume


Fax machines are now the most popular way to send resumes, Microsoft releases an RTF universal doc.

CV Origin timeline internet launched


The Internet and Web go public, Monster goes live and “” is founded.

CV Origin timeline Email resume


Email is now the most popular way to send a resume.

CV Origin timeline PDF resume


Adobe releases Reader for free, making PDF resumes a popular alternative.

CV Origin timeline Dot Com boom


Dot Com boom hits full stride.

CV Origin timeline Interactive resumes


Interactive resumes begin.

CV Origin timeline linkedin


LinkedIn ‘The Ladders’ Launches.

CV Origin timeline video resume


Video resumes pick up, more and more high school students begin sending them to colleges.

CV Origin timeline yputube video resume


Video Resumes hit YouTube.

CV Origin timeline social media


Resume objectives are OUT & Profesional hedlines are IN. Social media enters the picture. Personal branding via SEO and keywords become a worry; most employers Google data on their prospective employees.

CV Origin timeline multi media


Resumes contain social media links and are shorter, with more multi-media; Digital CV’s and Infographic resumes are trending.

CV Origin timeline today


Over a hundred million resumes will be sent out this year. Scientists decode the resume in 2011, with “REZSCORE”, bringing data and analytics to the job search for the first time.

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