Our Services

Our extensive services are divided into three categories namely “School Leaver / Graduate” “Professional” and “Seasoned Expert”.

Of these each have they’re very own function and is directed to suit your needs.

Have a look at our options and choose which of these three  categories would work best for your needs.

School Leaver / Graduate

www.cvright.co.za basic CV

OK, so you’re starting your journey into the big world. Welcome to being a grown-up! You’ve made it this far so let us help you make it in life. Let’s build a CV for you that will show your first/next employer what you are made of!

We have experts who can build CV’s to match your skills and personality and level of skill. If you need to get a job, impress a corporate graduate recruiter or move on, this is for you.

So what are you and what do you want to be? A salesman, mechanic, lawyer, doctor, fireman, beer taster?

We’ve got this!

You will receive:

1. A brilliantly drafted CV!
2. Cover letter template.


www.cvright.co.za intermediate CV resume

You’ve got experience but you need to be distinguished from the other 65 applicants who want the same position. You are serious about this job and have a track record to show that you are the one, the only one, which should be hired.

OK, we are serious too.

You won’t get recognised with that generic template which Dave, Martha and Steven all used from the internet. You are a professional and so are we. You do the job, you do the interview but let us do the CV which will get you there.

You also have a network or need to start one. We will set-up or update the LinkedIn profile you need.

Don’t let a simple document stand between you and that next level. Partner with us and let’s get this done!

You will receive:

1. A brilliantly drafted CV!
2. 3 Cover letter templates.
3. Professional LinkedIn profile.

Seasoned Expert

www.cvright.co.za profesional resume

Thank you for visiting us. As you are by now seen as an expert in the field, we will need to make sure that you are represented properly. That means that we will need to present you in a professional, unique way and draft a document which is of the highest quality to match your expertise and skills.

We suggest that we call you first to make sure that we understand what your next move is. We will match your skills with the right experts and produce a document, in consultation with you, that will be unmatched in quality. This is not a small exercise and we will obtain your feedback before we finalise your document.

Of course we will need to ensure that the rest of your image aligns with your goals, so we will set-up or update your LinkedIn profile and do multiple searches on you to make sure that any adverse information, pictures or other media is not available for potential employers to see.

Partner with us, see the results.

You will recieve:

1. A brilliantly drafted CV!
2. 3 Cover letter templates.
3. Professional LinkedIn profile.
4. Online Media and Internet search results with profile recommendations.

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