Customized CV and Resume examples

Examples of our customized Resumes and CV that could get you that interview! With our eye on originality that makes you stand out miles beyond all the rest!

CVRight Customized CV Johannesburg school leaver

School leaver / Graduate

Name: Danielle Reid*

Danielle* was a newly qualified graduate who was looking to enter the job market but could not land that elusive interview. She contacted CVRight and within 7 days had this sleek resume which steered her on her way to success as a junior marketing consultant. Have a look at what we did for Danielle*.

CVRight Customized CV Johannesburg Profesional


Name: Keith Sutherland*

Keith* had been working in the Logistics industry in various roles for 8 years and was looking to make that next step in her career, but the CV template that she used just didn’t harvest any attention from the recruiters and employers she approached. Within 7 days we armed Keith* with a professionally drafted document which immediately separated her from her peers. Here is what we did for Keith*.

CVRight Customized CV Johannesburg Seasoned Expert

Seasoned Expert

Name: Steven Mansfield*

Steven* is a recognised lawyer in the industry. He also qualified as an engineer at a reputable university. He has built up a highly regarded reputation as a diligent patent attorney. He is also a member of numerous professional groups where he provides expert legal advice. He constantly strives to provide his clients with the best legal services. CVRight assisted Steven* to draft a corporate CV and LinkedIn Profile. Here is Steven’s brilliantly drafted CV.

*Real names were not used

Please remember that these are only examples of what our experts can do for you!

CV Right uses a matrix of:

    1. Your Skillset;
    1. Your Experience and Educational Level;
    1. Your Industry;
  1. Your Personal Preferences;

To determine the format, length and content of your Personalised CV.


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